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More thoughts about modularizing deegreeā€™s JSF components

As I wrote earlier, it’s actually pretty simple to redirect facelet resolving to JARs. As JSF already includes mechanisms for scanning for JSF beans in JARs, this could enable a very simple approach for modularizing deegree’s JSF codebase. So far, … Continue reading

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Thoughts about modularizing deegree’s JSF components

In order to conquer complexity in modern systems, modularization is key. deegree 3 uses Maven modules to break the codebase into manageable pieces. However, deegree’s service administration console is still a single Maven module that includes JSF beans and facelets … Continue reading

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Building deegree with m2eclipse

After playing around a bit with the new Eclipse Indigo release, I decided to see how well the included m2eclipse plugin works for providing a painless setup of a deegree development environment. As with most Maven-based projects, it’s fairly easy … Continue reading

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