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JDBC tweaks to enable streaming result sets

In order to be able to serve large-scale deployments, deegree 3 has a full streaming architecture. This allows deegree 3 WFS to handle GetFeature requests that return Gigabytes or Terabytes of GML – without hogging the server. For example on … Continue reading

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INSPIRE-compliant data/metadata coupling with deegree 3

INSPIRE sets a high value on metadata and coupling of data and metadata. For example, the GetCapabilities response of an INSPIRE-compliant View Service links every offered layer to the corresponding ISO/INSPIRE metadata record (which is usually served by an INSPIRE … Continue reading

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Status of WFS 2.0 support in deegree 3

The last few days, I’ve been busy adding WFS 2.0 support to deegree 3 WFS. Current nightly builds already contain a lot of WFS 2.0-related functionality. Our first goal is to reach the following conformance classes from ISO 19142 (WFS … Continue reading

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INSPIRE Download Services with deegree 3: Extended Capabilities

One additional requirement that the INSPIRE Download Service specification adds to WFS 2.0 is a specific ExtendedCapabilities section. deegree 3 WFS configuration now has initial support for that — there’s a new option for specifying ExtendedCapabilities sections which are included … Continue reading

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