deegree 3.1 webservices released

Some highlights:

  • WFS 2.0 support
  • Mapping of complex GML application schemas to relational models (PostGIS/Oracle)
  • Support for GeoTIFF raster pyramids as coverage stores
  • Support for cascading WMS
  • Better legend support in WMS
  • Improved relational model for CSW/ISO metadata store, added support for Oracle
  • Support for streaming inlined complex parameters in WPS
  • Metadata integration concept for INSPIRE-compliant service capabilities
  • Single download that includes all major OGC services (WMS, WFS, WPS, CSW)
  • Download example configurations (“workspaces”) from web administration interface

To get started, download a deegree webservices package and activate one of the official demo setups (“workspaces”) in the service console. Afterwards, you may want to check out the documentation available in the deegree wiki for learning about deegree’s configuration concepts.

Unfortunately, the wiki currently doesn’t describe some of the most interesting features of this release (e.g. the relational mapping configuration for the SQL feature store). Keep an eye on my blog, I plan to post some articles on these subjects…


About Markus Schneider

Geospatial software developer, CEO of Occam Labs
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One Response to deegree 3.1 webservices released

  1. i like deegree.
    very well.

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